Results of the Runway 5k – October 1, 2011 – Asheville Airport – Asheville, NC

More than 600 people came out for the inaugural Runway 5k.  This update was posted on the Carolina Runner Facebook page by Victor Dostrow (who finished 74th out of 638 in the race).

Birds and snakes and aeroplanes. Well, the latter anyway. Many people on the tarmac at general aviation at AVL at 0800. Much wind. Milling about in the cold, among the private aircraft, biplanes and helicopters and then…we were off. It was quite a thrill to run down nearly a mile of the runway I’ve been down in a plane many times. The wind was an impediment (!), especially on the runway portion, but it was otherwise a pretty fast course, well laid out and manned. The race organizers had the details down, and it all ran efficiently. And, hey, how many times does one get to run on a runway?

Results are posted for a total of 638 people. When we turned down the taxiway and ran back South, looking at the vast horde of people still on the runway, it seemed like many more. Quite a non sequitur, Charleton Heston moment. Congrats to AVL on their 50th birthday.

Here are the Runway 5k Results.

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