Results of the Apple Festival 8k – September 3, 2011 – Hendersonville, NC

This is one of my favorite races because of the course variety and the lively pre-race and post-race activities. I scanned the front of the starting line in search of the runner that might be the winner. Based on my scan I guessed that Justin TeBockhorst would be the one (he was).

I did a two-mile warm-up before the race, focusing on the run around the pond leading to the finish. I found the run helpful in pacing my last mile in the actual race.

In the race, I had a fast start (mostly because of the flat to mild downhill nature of the course) but couldn’t retain the speed in subsequent miles that way I could a few years ago.  I finished a bit slower than last year at 41:06.

Congratulations to all and to Justin TeBockhorst as the first overall and first male and to Beth Saft (previous winner and wife of Aaron Saft of Foot Rx Asheville).  Since Justin also works at Foot Rx Asheville I’d say this is a Foot Rx Asheville Grand Slam.

Results courtesy of Lee Timing.  Here are the age group results.  Overall results follow:

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