Asheville Airport Runway 5k – October 1, 2011 – Asheville, NC

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Not Your Garden Variety 5k

How cool is this runners?  On Saturday, October 1st you can “take off” in the Airport 5k.  You’ll travel more slowly than ever before on Asheville Airport’s runway 34.  That’s right – a portion of the race is actually on the runway.

The race is in conjunction with airport fun day (free admission). If you visit our booths, your name will be entered into a contest, and we’ll have THREE winners of $500 gift certificates for air travel! Think about it—odds of winning will be pretty great, and we’ll draw our winner on October 3, just in time for you to plan a holiday get-away.

Ever wonder what those numbers on the runways mean?  They indicate the compass heading.  Runway 34 is a heading of 340 degrees (slightly west of due north).  And when you’re traveling back it’s runway 16 (160 degrees).

The race is in celebration of the airport’s 50th anniversary and begins at 9 AM.  For more information on registration, visit the race website.

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