Foot Rx Grand Prix Series – 2011 – Asheville, NC


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3rd Annual Grand Prix Series

Attention runners, it’s that time again. The 3rd Annual Foot Rx Grand Prix Series is just around the corner.

This is an Asheville classic that ramps up mid summer and continues until runners strap on a headlamp for the grand finale at the end of October at Montreat. It’s nine races that ditch the pavement in favor of dirt, mulch, grass, gravel and a little bit of mud here and there. Each race starts at 6:30 PM. Cost is $15 per race or you can buy in to the entire series for just $75. Here’s the schedule:

July 21st Event #1 – 5k @ The Asheville School
Aug. 3rd Event #2 – 5k @ Montreat College
Aug. 25th Event #3 – 5k @ Fletcher Park
Sept. 8th Event #5 – 5k @ Jackson Park
Sept. 22nd Event #6 – 6k @ Fletcher Park
Sept. 29th Event #7 – 6k @ The Asheville School
Oct. 6th Event #8 – 6k @ The Asheville School
Oct. 13th Event #9 – 6k @ Jackson Park
Oct. 27th FINALE – 8k @ Montreat College
Awards Ceremony TBA

For more information, get the Complete Foot Rx Rules and Registration document.  Stay in the loop by visiting the Foot Rx website and the Foot Rx blog.


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