Results of the Hot Chocolate 10k – January 22, 2011 – Asheville, NC

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A Cold but Dry Race

It was quite cold (about 24 degrees) when 1,000 of us lined up in the parking lot of Isaac Dickson school for the 2011 Hot Chocolate 10k. The downhill start is always helpful for getting runners moving but we’re reminded that what goes down must come up. The dreaded uphill finish.

I was about 2.5 miles into the race, approaching the bridge that takes us into the French Broad River park when I started to encounter the leaders on their way back. Stuart Moran (last year’s winner) was first but another runner (Justin TeBockhorst) was just a step behind him.

As I made the uphill climb toward the finish I could tell that the finish line has been pushed back from its location the past two years. This year runners had to climb all the way back up to the school parking lot, whereas in the past two years that finish line was about half to two-third of the way up that hill. I confirmed with two other runners with Garmins and the distance appeared to be between 6.28 and 6.30. My time was 51:40, but I think I might have been close to my time last year (50:51) if the finish line were in the same place.

Stuart Moran was the first overall. Keelin Schneider was the first female.

This was (as it has been for each of the past four years) a great race, fabulously organized and supported by a great group of helpful volunteers. Cheers to the race director and the entire team.

Here are the complete results, courtesy of Lee Timing.

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