Paris Mountain 11k Trail Race – November 6, 2010 – Paris Mountain State Park – Greenville, NC

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Paris Mountain 11k

It’s all about pancakes. Yep.

The Reason the 11k is affectionately known as “The Pancake Run” is not that the course is flat. We’d NEVER do that to you. We Promise! We will, however, offer some STAX pancakes, fresh off the griddle, after the run.

I’ve blogged about a few Paris Mountain Trail Races in the past so now it’s time for me to put my money where my mouth is and run this one. I just signed up. It was the pancakes that pushed me over the edge.

I looked at some background to get a sense of the relative difficulty of the race. I found this elevation chart:

Paris Mountain 11k Elevation Chart

It looks like about a 700 foot climb and by about mile 3 the significant uphill work is done. Then it’s pretty much all downhill, including what appears to be a 400 foot free-fall at about mile 5. The record time for this course is just under 48 minutes. I have included the 2009 Results here.

For more information and registration visit the Greenville Trail Runs website. See you there!


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