Alissa’s 5k Play All Day – November 6, 2010 – Enka High School – Candler, NC

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Alissa's 5k Play All Day

I just learned about this very important race as part of an ongoing fundraising effort to help Alissa. It’s a 5k race as part of an all day play event at Enka High School.

Alissa is a bright-eyed, heart-stealing 4 year old little girl with the drive, determination and desire to live and function as any other 4 year old child. Although walking, running, jumping, playing ball, sliding and swinging are just some of the things she would love to do on her own; in Alissa’s world she is trapped inside her frail little body restricted by Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy and Reactive Airway Disease.

There is a procedure offered in Germany that is called Stem Cell Therapy. This procedure uses Alissa’s own stem cells by extracting bone marrow from her hip, identifying and separating out the stem cells and then re-introducing them back into the spinal canal. The spinal canal contains cerebrospinal fluid and since cerebrospinal fluid circulates, the stem cells are transported directly to the damaged tissue in Alissa’s brain advancing the healing process.

There have been many recent success stories we have read about and continue to follow patients who have received this treatment. Reported patient follow-up statistics show improvements were made in most patients showing an improvement rate of 66.4%!

We are truly blessed and thankful for any donation, big or small to help offset this treatment and other medical and equipment expenses for Alissa.


Alissa’s Family

For more information about this event and other efforts to help Alissa, visit Alissa’s Little Way. To register, visit the Race Registration Page.

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