Cliffs Zest Quest 5k and 10k Race – October 23, 2010 – Travelers Rest, SC

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Cliffs Zest Quest 5k and 10k

I’ve heard good things about this race from a running friend of mine. A nice 5k/10k pair in a beautiful setting.

From the race organizers …

This is the seventh annual running of this charity event. The location for this race is spectacular; it really lets you experience the grounds, ponds, streams, golf course, and home sites that make the Valley a special place. The Start/Finish line is at the beautiful Cliff’s Valley Wellness Center, as well as the runner’s village. The 5k is designed for runners AND walkers, with relatively flat terrain. The 5k course runs out Terry Creek Rd. to a turn-a-round, the return route is around 2 trout ponds, and along a paved path next to the racing Terry Creek, then crossing onto the Cliffs Valley Golf course to run on the cart path. The transition from the golf course back to the community is via a very short but steep ‘grassy knoll’, there is a short run through a couple of streets; then on to the finish line.

This year the race is once again to include a 10k race, for runners only. The 10k follows the exact same route as the 5k for the 1st half. The 10k runners will ‘run right by’ the finish line & onto a new course for the 2nd half. This new course takes in the last 2 miles of the US Cycling Championship’s Time Trial course, only in reverse direction. This 2nd 5k is significantly more hilly & challenging than the 1st 5k. The course stays on the pavement, but takes you by 1 waterfall, by a peaceful arboretum and nature trails, to a 2nd waterfall & the Cliffs Nature center at the turn-a-round. The return route then turns right onto Glen Hollow Road which has several ups & downs before coming out back on Terry Creek Rd, by the tennis center & to the finish line.

Online registration is available at Setup Events. Click here for the 5k and here for the 10k


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