Results of the Columbus Firecracker 5k – July 3, 2010 – Columbus, NC

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Firecracker 5k

A nice turnout for the first running of this race. I estimate about 100 runners lined up at 8:00 AM and dashed across the duct tape starting line. The start was nice and wide, the course was pleasant with a mix of sun and shade. The first half of the course was flat to moderately downhill and that means, well, you know, what goes down must come up.

Stuart Moran came out to lead the pack. I haven’t seen the official results but I believe his time was announced as 15:28. Katie Gibson was the first female with an 18-something time.

The tabulation of the results had a few first-time race glitches. The race director was determined that it was in fact some non-existent female runner who finished first and it took Katie and the rest of the crowd to convince him that it was definitely Katie who finished first.

Columbus Firecracker 5k Results


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