Paris Mountain 15k Trail Race – Paris Mountain State Park – Greenville, SC – May 29, 2010

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2010 Paris Mountain 15k Trail Race

Results of the 2010 Paris Mountain 15k Trail Race.

This interesting looking race is the longest of the three trail races in the Paris Mountain Trail run series. This race starts at 8:00 AM on May 29, 2010. The other two races are the 7k (August 14th) and the 11k (November 6th). I did a little reading to learn more about Paris Mountain State park …

Paris Mountain State Park was developed by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), a New Deal Program created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The CCC was instrumental in the development of many of South Carolina’s state parks. A number of buildings built by the CCC in the 1930s that are still in use at the park along with the lakes and dams built by the Paris Mountain water company in the late 19th century make this park a historic district on the National Register.

OK. Sounds like a cool place. But what’s up with the race? Since I’m not personally familiar with this race I did a little studying to put it into perspective in terms of its level of difficulty.

The overall course record time is 1:10:54. That is a 7:36 pace as the record.

The median (half were faster, half were slower) finishing time in 2009 was 1:39:40 (a 10:42 pace).

It’s no wonder why the race organizers describe this as “Putting the Trail in Trail run”. This must be a very challenging course if the record finishing time is a 7:36 pace and a 10:42 pace puts you right in the middle of the pack.

Check out the Paris Mountain 15k Trail Race overall results from 2009.

I came across another running blog called MeganRunning and here’s an excerpt of what this blogger (obviously much more familiar with the race) had to say about the course …

anyone entering these races (particularly those who have never been to Paris Mountain State Park before) should understand that the word “trails” here is used in the most rugged sense imaginable. We’re not talking the paved tranquility of the Swamp Rabbit Trail. No, the Paris Mountain trails are primarily used for hiking — frequently, the trails are only wide enough for one runner comfortably…and that runner must keep a keen eye on the ground they trod, lest a tree root, jutting rock, pine cone, or small woodland creature (exaggeration) catches them unawares. There are several very steep inclines, and in one location a series of (often slippery) stone steps to traverse. It is physically taxing but very enjoyable.

OK. So I’m thinking my trail shoes are a must if I’m going to try this race. This must be the “badge of honor” weekend with this race, the Rock 2 Rock Trail Race (Black Mountain) and the Sunset Stampede (Asheville) – all in the same weekend.

I downloaded the GPS file with the course on it and uploaded it into Running Ahead to get an interactive map of the course and the elevation. Here is a snapshot of the elevation (click for a larger image) …

Paris Mountain 15k Elevation

And here is a snapshot of the course (click to access the interactive map at Running Ahead) …

Paris Mountain 15k Course Map - Click for Interactive Version

Directions to Paris Mountain State Park …

From I-385: Take exit #40 onto N. Pleasantburg Rd (Hwy 291) for approximately 4 mi. Take a rt on Piney Mountain Rd. Go to the 1st light and turn rt. Park is 2 mi. ahead on the left.

From Asheville: Take Hwy 25 towards Greenville. Turn left onto State Park Rd in Travelers Rest. Drive 8 mi (road will change names to East Mountain Creek). Take a ri onto State Park Rd., entrance .8 miles on left.

Register for the race at You might also check out the Facebook Event Page. Finally, here’s a link to a website with more information about Paris Mountain State Park.


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