Arboretum 8k – Run on the Wildside 8k – June 5, 2010 – North Carolina Arboretum, Asheville, NC

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Run on the Wildside - Arboretum 8k


I am totally delighted to see a race at the Arboretum again – Saturday, June 5th, 2010 at 8:00 AM. Ever since the last running of the Bent Creek Classic at the Arboretum in 2006 I have longed for a race in this wonderful setting. This is an 8k race and they’re keeping it within the boundaries of the Arboretum and not venturing out through the gates into the Bent Creek area. I have run this course dozens of times and it is awesome (and challenging). Forget about comparing this to other 8k races that are done on roads (Apple Festival, Thomas Wolfe). This course will add a few minutes to those times.

Download (PDF) the Run on the Wild Side 8k Course Map.

Here is some background on the race from its organizers …

Run on the Wildside is an 8K- (five mile) trail race that follows the roads and manicured trails at the NC Arboretum. The event is part of the Wellness campaign for State employees employed by the Department of Crime Control and Public Safety-(State Highway Patrol; NC National Guard and NC Alcohol Law Enforcement). The race will take place on Saturday, June 5th 2010 at 8:00AM and is open for all public to participate in. The race is also to benefit Mothers Against Drunk Drivers-(MADD) with proceeds to benefit the organization. Ingles Markets and Biltmore Baptist Church are helping to sponsor the event. The National Guard will have several displays featuring slides and play for children during the race. There will also be a “MADD Dash” kids sprint race that day.

The Arboretum will be closed to traffic at race time, so special parking instructions have been provided …

The Arboretum will be closed to all traffic on the morning of the event. All participants are asked to park at Biltmore Baptist church. you will then take a free shuttle to the start line on the arboretum grounds. Packet Pickup both the night before and the morning of will be located at Biltmore Baptist Church.

Registration is at Setup Events

Racers – this is a busy weekend. We have the Chamber Challenge the day before and we have the Human Race and the Downhill Half Marathon at Ridgecrest the same day. If you can, please support this race for an important cause at a fabulous location. I think we should work hard to keep at least one race per year at the Arboretum!


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