Running the Asheville Shamrock Races – 10k/5k – March 13, 2010

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Sure Gets Hot Running a 10k With This On

RESULTS of 2010 Shamrock 10k

RESULTS of 2010 Shamrock 5k

We had the best weather we’ve ever had for the Shamrock Races this morning. It was sunny with temperatures in the upper 40s when the races kicked off at 9:15 AM. After a quick hill at the beginning we settled into a flat to downhill warm-up phase down Kimberly and Edwin. Then we kicked things up about seven notches with the ambitious climb up Cherokee, followed by the seemingly never-ending gradual pull up Sunset. Mind you, these hills have always been a part of the race (not Cherokee, but regardless of the street we run on, this race has always climbed up to Sunset) but we have to be able to commiserate each year about it. I’ve run the 10k every year since this race started and liken it to a mini-version of the Sunset Stampede.

Once we reach the top of North Griffing and start the downhill glide things are a breeze. A little bit of hill on Kimberly but then a mostly downhill cruise until we get back onto Beaverdam and approach the school where we get to wrestle the hilly beast one more time.

The awards ceremony was prompt and well done. I didn’t have a chance to win anything for my age group so I’m glad there were other prizes (such as the best costume, which I won in the adult category). Ever run a 10k wearing a big polyester hat and a fake beard? It’s hot. I wore it the first two miles and the last two miles but took it off and carried it during the toughest uphill running. Maybe that’s why I didn’t place in my age group (yeah, right).

The loudest cheer during the awards ceremony came with the announcement of the winner of the 75+ male category. Everyone’s hero – 87 year-old Charles Dotson. Congratulation Charles. Believe me, we all want to be like you, running so well and so often when we’re 87.

Here is a photo gallery of the races at the Citizen-Times website.

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