Morris Broadband DuPont Forest Half Marathon Preview Run – February 27, 2010

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There were about 15-20 runners who came out to the Guion Farm parking area in DuPont Forest this morning for a preview run of the half-marathon course.  We ran Buck Forest Road to Conservation Road and onto the old airstrip for a run down to the end and back before returning.  The total run was 8.8 miles.

What we saw today was great and some final details of the course will be defined and announced soon.  Race officials have been hampered in their ability to completely define the course because they have not been able to explore some of the single-track trails and shady wide trails due to snow and ice conditions.  We were not hampered much today by snow and ice because the dirt roads we ran on get some sunshine.

The course is scenic and hilly.  Hill repeat training is a must for this course and the race date is coming up soon – April 10, 2010.  For more on the race and the course follow the link below …

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