Flow 5k – Carrier Park – Asheville, NC – March 6, 2010 – 9:00 AM

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Flow 5k Course - Click for Larger Image

RACE RESULTS ARE IN -> www.tinyurl.com/yajg8yc


Carrier Park has become quite a popular spot for 5k races and the Flow 5k is one more. And for good reason. There’s plenty of parking. Granted, the parking capacity is strained by the annual Turkey Trot but that draws as many as 1,100 runners. For the average 5k with several hundred runners, Carrier Park is perfect and the course is good for beginners, intermediate and elite runners.

For more background on the Flow 5k, I have inserted this overview from the race brochure …

FLOW, For Love of Water, is an integrated unit of study that was designed for the eighth grade students at Asheville Middle School that focuses on water. The essential questions that students are asked is what is the water cycle and how does it work?, how are people and water connected?, and who owns water? This race is one part of the community service component of the project as the students are raising money for RiverLink. All aspects of the planning, such as the design of this entry form and the website, have been implemented by students under the coaching of the Asheville Middle School staff.

The race begins at 9:00 AM.  To download the registration form, click here (PDF).


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