Black Jack 5k – Fletcher Park – Fletcher, NC – March 14, 2010

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Foot Rx Black Jack 5k

March 14, 2010 Black Jack 5k Results

March 14, 2010 Black Jack 5k Photo Gallery at Asheville Citizen-Times

It was a rough winter for the Black Jack 5k races. I ran one on January 16th (also at Fletcher Park) and it was lots of fun. The race starts at 2:00 PM (registration starts at 1:30). It’s just $5 to register and you play a game of black jack along the way. You get a card before the start, a second at the halfway point and an option to take a “hit” at the finish. Whoever gets 21 (or closest without going over) wins. And the winner (or winners if there are ties) split the pot (in the form of Foot Rx gift certificates).

NOTE: this is a cross country style race and is virtually all run on grass and trails.

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