Southcliff Black and Blue – October 17, 2009 – Asheville, North Carolina

Southcliff Black and Blue
Southcliff Black and Blue

Update – here are the results of both races …

I always start these postings with “this is a great race”.  Would somebody please slap me?  Of course it’s a great race.  We’re runners and we run races.  But the Black and Blue is very tough without being sloppy.  The “Black” race is 6.5 miles and the “Blue” race is 2.6 miles.  I ran the Black last year and plan to do the same this year.  It’s uphill road for a while and then it’s switchbacks uphill on hiking trails for a couple of miles.  Then it is a downhill haul and the rules change.  Be ready. 

The 10 AM start time is cool and they have some great race food (burritos last year).

Registration on Active …


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