Completed the Final Practice Run – Asheville Citizen-Times Half Marathon on August 22, 2009

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At about 7:40 AM Chris from Weaverville and I set out on a run through the course.  It was overcast, mid 60s, humid (of course).  But good running conditions in general.

As we did the lower portions of the course we encountered at least a handful of individuals or groups who were also running parts or all of the  course.  We had a light mist of rain that started on Beaverdam and lasted for a few miles.

As we transitioned to Elk Mountain and then Inglewood there was an enourmous tree down along with the power lines you would associate with a substantial tree fall.  The street was blocked and the tree crew was there cutting up big chunks of tree and putting them in a large truck for hauling to the stump dump.  But the street was completely blocked.

We took another street to see if we could find a way around but it was a dead end.  We doubled back to see if we could sneek across some yards but it didn’t work.  Finally, Chris asked the “arbor guys” if they would pause and let us march through the debris and continue our run.  They did and we did.

We ran on, finished the neighborhood, went around the lake and down through Woodfin.  Then we did the Lookout Avenue hill.  Chris really attacked it (and in talking with him afterward he attacks hills — and he does it well).   

On Broadway the sun was out, I was hot and fatigued, and Chris powered on and finished several minutes ahead of me. 

I’m glad to have this run and want to thank Chris for running with me.  He’s a great runner.

That’s my last 10+ mile run before the race.  I look forward to running with all of you!

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