Half-Marathon Training Class, REI, Greg Walker, Wednesday August 26th, 2009, 7 PM

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There’s a free half-marathon class offered at REI (Biltmore Park) on Wednesday, August 26th at 7PM conducted by Greg Walker, a former runner with Team Elite Powerbar and GU Sports.  It seems like a great event for runners considering a half marathon or for accomplished half-marathon runners looking for a better time (or a personal record).

Here’s what Greg will cover …

  • Developing a training plan
  • Race day fueling tips
  • Race strategies (so important!)
  • Hydration (special consideration with longer runs)

It’s free, open to the entire community and I commend Greg Jackson and REI for putting this on.  If you’re a first-time half-marathon runner you’re probably wondering about a lot of things relating to race day and you will have more anxiety as the race day gets closer.  A class such as this helps tangibly (with your physical preparation) and it helps emotionally (confidence).  If you’ve done a half-marathon or two and you’re just trying to get better I suggest this is a good place to start.

I started running half-marathons in 2005.  I just made up my training plan and I finished the first couple I ran but didn’t know where to go from there.  I wish I could have attended a class like this.  I think it would have helped me get focused.  I have 13 half-marathons under my belt but I can’t make this class because I teach my own class (non-running related) from 6-9 PM that day.

There are a few merchandise-related tangible benefits for those who attend this.  You will receive one 15% off REI coupon (applicable toward one full-priced item) and there will be performance food samples available.

If you’re doing one or more half-marathons this season I suggest this as a great event.  It may help you focus your training and preparation and you’ll meet other runners wrestling with the same pre-half-marathon consideration as you.

Registration is requested.  Please contact Ching Fu at REI.  Here’s how:  cfu@rei.com or call 828-687-0918.

Cheers.  13.1

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