Completed the Asheville Citizen-Times Half Marathon Practice Run – August 1, 2009

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Ken Miller and I did a practice run through the Citizen-Times Half Marathon course this morning.  We started just before 8 AM.  Temperature was in the low 60s and it was quite humid.  It was helpful putting the entire course into perspective in one single run.  I had experienced portions of the course in four different training runs in the past, but there’s nothing like running what you’ll run on race day.

We ran faster than I had anticipated, but it felt great.  I got a little hot after about mile 11.5 as we were running up Broadway in the sunshine.  The temperature had risen and I was generating my own humidity as the sun’s rays evaporated the sweat in my clothes.  We finished the course with an overall average pace of 9:17.  Below is a graph of our mile by mile pace.  The slowest was mile ten (uphill on Lookout) and the fastest was mile eleven (what goes up must come down — fast charge through UNCA).

Pace Chart for August 1, 2009 Practice Run
Pace Chart for August 1, 2009 Practice Run


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