Tempo Training Run, Merrill’s Cove, Asheville, North Carolina, 7 1/2 Miles, July 27, 2009

Merrill's Cove 7.5 Mile Run with Big Hill Challenge at the End
Merrill's Cove 7.5 Mile Run with Big Hill Challenge at the End

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Getting myself ready for the Citizen-Times Half Marathon with longer tempo runs, longer easy runs, a bunch of races, speedwork and some cross training.  Today I ran a tough 7.5 mile tempo run in Merrill’s Cove (where we live). 

Here’s a link to the course at USATF …


I have run this many times because it starts and finishes at the entrance to our property.  I run just over 2 miles to Concord, turn around and return, passing home along the way and running to the top of Merrill’s Cove where Merrill’s Cove Rd. intersects with Rose Hill Rd.  You can see from the elevation profile in the image above it’s quite a climb.  The first four miles of this is my “bread and butter” run that I’ve done at least a hundred times.

Nancy gets out and runs around the same time I do.  She went out after the first four miles of my run and did a little over three herself.  It was a beautiful morning but very humid.

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