Deconstructing the Asheville Citizen-Times Half Marathon – Part Three

Deconstructing the Citizen-Times Half Marathon - Part Three

This is the last segment of my deconstruction.  I had run miles 2 through 10 in my first two segments.  In this segment I ran mile 1 and the final 3 miles of the half marathon (along with some extra distance connecting mile 1 with where I left off before).

Here’s a link to what I ran at USATF …

I reconnected with the final part of the half marathon course at the intersection of Edgewood and Barnard.  From there it’s a pleasant, fast cruise right into the UNC Asheville Campus and moderately downhill to the WT Weaver Blvd Trail.  From this point this is pretty much the former half marathon course (with one slight difference once you get back in town).  The run on the trail is nice and then you cross over to the west side of Broadway and start the gradual uphill pull toward I 240.  It doesn’t seem so bad when you’ve only run 4 miles before hitting Broadway.  It seems more daunting when you’re about 11 miles into a half marathon and encounter this.  But I think it’s physically and psychologically helpful if you practice this part of the course when you’re not fatigued.  Then come back and do a full trial run if you’re up to it.

I think the final 3 miles of the course are easier than the former course.  I like the fact that much of it is on quiet roads, away from traffic.

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