Deconstructing the Asheville Citizen-Times Half Marathon 2009 – Part One

Deconstructing the Citizen-Times Half Marathon - Segment One

Today I ran what is roughly miles 2-5 in the 2009 Citizen-Times Half Marathon Course.  I did not do the first mile or so because it’s generally fairly routine downtown Asheville running.  Here’s what I skipped today:

First Mile of the 2009 Citizen-Times Half Marathon

I started around the intersection of Woodfin and Central, near the YMCA in downtown Asheville.  Here’s a link to a map of what I ran today:

There are a few uphill portions of note, but generally I’d classify this section as relatively easy.  All of the turns through lightly-traveled residential areas make this a very interesting part of the course.  Some hill notes:

  • There is a gradual uphill pull on Central after passing under 240.  Nothing terrible.
  • A slightly more difficult, but shorter pull up Cherokee just before making the turn onto Canterbury Road North.
  • A moderate but short pull up Oak Lane.
  • A mild uphill pull on Macon.
  • Long but mild uphill pull on Kimberly and Country Club.  This is comparable to the uphill section on Kimberly all the way to Griffing on the old course.  But the new course moves much of it onto Country Club and does not include the run up Griffing to the top of the Rose Garden.

I deviated off the course (to head back to my car parked near the (YMCA) at Griffing and Kimberly.  The course turns north, heading up to Beaverdam but I headed back down Kimberly.


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