Group Trail Run at North Carolina Arboretum and Bent Creek

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I’ve run on my own many times over the past three years at the Arboretum and decided to try participating in a group run.  I’ve know about group runs that meet Sunday mornings, so I showed up at the Greenhouse and joined with a group that runs regularly together, typically 8-10 miles or about 90 minutes.  I really enjoyed it and saw some trails that I’ve never seen before.  There’s such a diverse assortment of trails in the Bent Creek area that it would take months of regular running to sample them all.  I liked the fact that this group ran mostly on single to double wide hiking trails that were predominantly dirt, rather than many of the wide gravel roads that crisscross the area.  The pace was good and probably challenged me to work a little harder than I would on my own.  I think I’ll do this again.

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