Upcoming Fun Runs

If you’d like more information about these runs, contact Adam Hill at ultra_rnr @ yahoo.com

April 14th & 15th: 
24 hour Run for Africa!!  Hopefully you have assembled your teams (or are going solo as a few people on this list are!!)  and are ready to tackle this fun run for a cause!  If not then check out www.runforafrica.org for more info!

Saturday, April 21st: 
Warren Wilson 12k Fun Run!  Come celebrate spring on these superb trails!  This will be a free event…Two different groups led by two different guides (fast pace/slow pace) for those that wish to learn about the great trails that this private land with public access has to offer!


Sunday, May 6th:  May Mountain Mama’s Half Marathon!  Shake off those post Sunset Stampede hooves out at Trace Ridge Trailhead for this 13 mile loop in celebration of yo mama!  This will be an awesome loop that will surprise us with numerous river crossings and loads of fun!

Saturday, May 19th:  May Mountain Marathon!  Another spectacular loop out at Trace Ridge with lots of river crossings, great single/doubletrack, and lots of ups and downs!  This will be a 27 mile loop that will take us up to some scenic views as well as dip us down into the depths where the cool streams lie.

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