Running the Shamrock 10K – March 17 2007 – Asheville, North Carolina

It was a cold morning with snow flurries blowing around an 20 mph winds when I left my house to travel to downtown Asheville for the first running of the Shamrock race (5k and 10k).  I was running the 10k and had studied the course a head of time so that I knew what to expect.

The race started with the temperature about 28 degrees.  It’s mostly uphill the first mile and the 2nd and 3rd miles are rolling — on Sunset Road — but skew towards uphill.  The fourth mile is a fast downhill on North Griffing and the last two miles are an easy cruise on Kimberly, Edwin and Charlotte Street.

It was a great race — I hope it’s warmer next year.  I was reasonably pleased with my time — 48:33.

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