Running the Dupont State Forest 12k Trail Race – March 10 2007

It was a beautiful day at Dupont State Forest just outside Brevard, North Carolina when the race started at 10 AM on March 10, 2007.  Mostly sunny, temperature in the 50s.

Just under 200 runners lined up for this 7.4 mile trail race.  It was my first time on the course and didn’t know just what to expect.  The race starts with about a mile or so on a narrow — one-person wide trail.  This made me keep a gradual starting pace because I was tangled up with lots of people that I might have passed if I had the space to do so.  After that there is a variety of wider forest service roads, wider trails and lots of ups and downs.

It was a great race overall.  I loved the variety and loved the challenge.  I didn’t know what my target should be for such a race but I was happy with my finish time of 1:01:33.

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