Report from The Jingle Bell 5k – Brevard, North Carolina, December 2, 2006

The Report


It was a chilly but sunny morning.  The registration for the race was in a church building just across from the American Legion Building.  Runners and supporters spent plenty of time hanging around in the church building avoiding the cold.  Brave souls got outside early doing warm up runs.  A nice twist in my book – free Santa hats for all (I ran with mine on).


The race starting at 9:00 AM with a brisk downhill dash.  The course was moderate for the first mile and a bit more challenge materialized after that.  Nothing tremendous but enough terrain variation to remind us that this is not a completely flat race.


A nice view of the finish line on the final home stretch and it’s time for a bottle of water and a banana.


I matched my Turkey Trot time to the second – 22:32.



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