Ready to Run the Thomas Wolfe 8k

It’s just after 6 AM on Saturday, September 30th.  I’m preparing to run in the Thomas Wolfe 8k in downtown Asheville, North Carolina.  The temperature is in the low to mid 40s.  I typically run without a shirt in the warmer weather but I’m not so sure about today.

I’ve started my pre-race routine.  Start the coffee, have some coconut oil capsules for energy.  A glass of Kombucha (fermented mushroom beverage) for energy.  I’ll take a few Advil before I leave the house to pre-empt any minor aches.  I’ll also have something for an additional energy boost before I leave (raw chocolate).

Packet pickup is at the Thomas Wolfe visitor center on Market St.  I’ll be there by about 7 AM and the race starts at 8 AM.  I’m shooting to beat 38 minutes.  I’ve done two different 8k races in the past two months and remarkably, I’ve had the exact same time for each — 38:15.  We’ll see what today brings. 

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