Reggae 5k in Black Mountain, North Carolina, April 22, 2006

After running a half marathon and enjoying the excitement of a big race that lasts about two hours, I find that I’m desperately in need of another race.  A few days after the Charlottesville Half Marathon I was searching for something to run in close to my home in Asheville, North Carolina.  I found the Reggae 5k in Black Mountain, North Carolina on April 22, 2006.


The Reggae 5k looked like a quirky but interesting little race.  It’s held at Wolf Creek Cove which appears to be a small venue for outdoor special events (weddings and the like; a little rustic but cute).  It’s south of Black Mountain proper and certainly off the beaten path (and has limited parking; if you run in this race you may find yourself boxed in and forced to wait until others leave to be able to get your car out of your parking spot).


But the atmosphere was like a party, even though it was raining during the pre-race period.  The race starts in grass, runs on some gravel roads and most of it is on relatively flat paved roads.  There’s nothing stunning or exceptionally scenic about the course, but it’s fast.  The turnout was about a hundred or so and the post-race environment is even more like a party (serving lots of food, beer and playing music).


So the whole event was fun, the race was satisfying, I was happy with my time (23:32) and I will probably do it again.  But this time, I’ll park out on the road away from the actual venue so that I can get my car out when I want to.

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