Charlottesville Virginia Half Marathon – April 15, 2006

I had been introduced toe the Charlottesville Marathon/Half Marathon by my 21 year-old son who was planning on running in the half marathon with his step-brother and a friend.  It seemed like a good race tied together with a road trip which can be fun so I put the half marathon on my schedule early in the year.  I also figured I’d combined it with a little bit of a golf trip with my 14 year-old son and use the opportunity to play some golf courses that were new to us in the Charlottesville, Virginia area.


The race was April 15, 2006.  We left Asheville on Friday afternoon, the 14th for the 6 hour drive up Interstate 81 (mostly) to Charlottesville.  We arrived in time to go to the Charlottesville Running Company which is right on the old historic mall in downtown Charlottesville.  I had never been in downtown Charlottesville and I was very impressed; it’s an awesome town.  The downtown mall is thoroughly alive with restaurants and hundreds of people walking around, enjoying the pleasant spring evening.  We waiting in line at the Charlottesville Running Company to pick up my packet and to me that begins to create the bubble of excitement and energy that gets me cranked up in anticipation of a big exciting race.

Race morning was a little overcast; we had received some rain overnight but the precipitation appeared to be over for the time being.  Nearly 2,000 runners lined up at the start (for the both the full and half marathons).  The energy was enormous.  Finally we started.

This is a beautiful course with an adequate amount of challenge (any half marathon in a mountain area will typically have some challenge).  Parts of the race run through town and this town is not hard to look at.  Parts pass through portions of the <ST1University</ST1 of <ST1Virginia</ST1la and much of it tours classic Virginia countryside and horse country.

I felt great with the powerful runner’s high.  The clouds gave way to sunshine and I finished with a time just over 2:02 (a few minutes after my son).  I recommend this race to anyone who likes to hit the road for a half marathon.  Great crowd, wonderful town and beautiful course.



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