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Results of the Space Fox Chase 10k Trail Race – March 7, 2015 – Scotsgrove Farm – Inman SC

Fox Chase 10k

Congratulations to Brinton Leidy and Sabine Connors as winners of the male and female divisions respectively.

1Brinton LeidyBoiling Springs SCM14 40:056:28
2Greg MooreInman SCM34 40:086:28
3Gervais HollwellSpartanburg SCM52 40:336:32
4Scott HungateCharlotte NCM45 41:516:45
5Sabine ConnorsSpartanburg SCF21 49:388:00
6Bubba BrunsonSpartanburg SCM54 51:328:19
7Grafton LeidyBoiling Springs SCM19 52:598:33
8Lauren LeidyBoiling Springs SCF45 53:348:38
9Sherry RossSpartanburg SCF36 53:378:39
10Summer TebaltInman SCF37 54:398:49
11Joe MullinaxSpartanburg SCM45 54:398:49
12Melanie WileyBoiling Springs SCF35 55:448:59
13Robin TarpinianGreer SCF54 56:399:08
14Lindsay WebsterSpartanburg SCF47 57:499:20
15Nancy AndersonSpartanburg SCF64 58:329:26
16Thomas CampInman SCM40 59:119:33
17Ashley WhiteSpartanburg SCM32 59:399:37
18Brittany ForresterSimpsonville SCF29 1:10:0211:18
19Jamie SmithTaylors SCF37 1:10:0211:18
20Kris HammittSpartanburg SCF33 1:11:5611:36
21Pamela LitzenbergerGreer SCF53 1:13:3911:53
22Lisa AquinoPauline SCF32 1:16:0712:17
23Jill ColeSpartanburg SCF61 1:16:1112:17
24Cheryl MillerInman SCF56 1:16:1712:18
25Alicia YanacSpartanburg SCF26 1:21:5613:13
26Joy PhillipsMoore SCF46 1:21:5813:13
27Allison HansenBoiling Springs SCF36 1:21:5913:13

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