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Results of the Run for Your Art 5k – November 2, 2014 – Black Mountain NC

Run for Your Art 5k
Run for Your Art 5k

This race was re-scheduled because of the wild wintry weather on the original race date of November 1, 2014. Congratulations to Peter Ripmaster and Kimzey Ellis as winners of the male and female divisions respectively. Mind you, these two winners were quite busy running the day before as well. Kimzey Ellis won the female division of the Conquer the Mountain Half Marathon and Peter Ripmaster ran the Shut in Race.

Results courtesy of Event Mercenaries.

1Peter RipmasterFairview NCM3719:26.56:15/M
2Chad LefordSpruce Pine NCM3120:25.26:34/M
3Kimzey EllisCandler NCF2521:24.66:53/M
4Karl HinterkopfWeaverille NCM3822:48.57:20/M
5Roy ShelleyColumbia SCM4723:16.07:29/M
6Tripp AndersonBlack Mountain NCM4124:47.47:58/M
7Meagan GeetingRidgecrest NCF3725:00.58:02/M
8Sherry StonemanWeaverville NCF3925:53.88:19/M
9Melissa RainesBlack Mountain NCF2826:14.08:26/M
10Kristen RipmasterFairview NCF3427:00.98:41/M
11Sherry RoaneAsheville NCF5527:39.28:53/M
12Camille RyanAsheville NCF1329:10.09:23/M
13Stephen RyanAsheville NCM4929:12.19:23/M
14Lisa RyanAsheville NCF4529:18.49:25/M
15Holly BaumgartnerAsheville NCF4131:42.210:12/M
16Toria HicksAsheville NCF1131:42.610:12/M
17Semia BeckBlack Mountain NCF4334:57.411:14/M
18Bea PerezAsheville NCF1136:35.511:46/M
19Fields WrightAsheville NCF1136:35.811:46/M
20Lynn RappAsheville NCF4836:40.511:47/M
21Sophie EwingAsheville NCF1341:13.013:15/M
22Meghan KleiveBlack Mountain NCF641:13.213:15/M
23Peggy GlanzLake Lure NCF7041:24.713:19/M
24Rachael SylvestreBlack Mountain NCF2842:26.513:39/M
25Dawson HunterBlack Mountain NCM8543:06.713:52/M
26Emily KleiveBlack Mountain NCF644:09.514:12/M
27Colleen HicksAsheville NCF4244:10.714:12/M
28Libba TracyBlack Mountain NCF5846:57.115:06/M
29Tom TracyBlack Mountain NCM6046:57.415:06/M
30Micki GrovesBlack Mountain NCF4247:02.215:07/M
31Mark KleiveBlack Mountain NCM4247:31.215:17/M
32Georgia CheekBlack Mountain NCF6347:33.415:17/M
33Barbara HunterBlack Mountain NCF771:12:40.123:22/M

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