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Results of the Run to the Nest 5k – May 31, 2014 – Wilkes Central High School – Wilkesboro, NC

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Congratulations to Austin Motsinger and Kirsten Martin as the winners of the Run to the Nest 5k today. Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Racing Toes.

1Austin MotsingerBoomer NCM1620:22.6
2Jesse MassuccoMoravian Falls NCM1920:44.9
3Tony BlevinsWilkesboro NCM4821:05.5
4Kirsten MartinElkin NCF2521:52.3
5Ray CookeState Road NCM4821:52.6
6Brooke BentleyWilkesboro NCF1622:34.4
7Tanner BaileyWilkesboro NCM1522:45.7
8Renee PickardMoravian Falls NCF5522:47.8
9Jack PrivetteNorth Wilkesboro NM1523:22.0
10Matt CallWilkesboro NCM1224:21.4
11Trevor RoyallWilkesboro NCM1724:39.1
12Josh VannoyWilkesboro NCM1624:53.6
13Kimberly ByrdRoaring River NCF4424:56.4
14Anthony ReidWilkesboro NCM4324:59.9
15Eric AdamsMoravian Falls NCM2525:02.7
16Sierra MassuccoMoravian Falls NCF1925:33.8
17Makayla EstepMoravian Falls NCF1725:42.9
18Karson AndersonMoravian Falls NCF1326:36.0
19Parker WardWilkesboro NCM1726:42.6
20Alex BlairWilkesboro NCM4726:49.6
21Angela SwannerWilkesboro NCF4027:19.3
22Phil CurleyNorth Wilkesboro NM6227:22.8
23Tyler HollandWilkesboro NCM927:43.7
24Kim HollandWilkesboro NCF4027:43.8
25Tim VannoyWilkesboro NCM4627:59.1
26Joanna VannoyWilkesboro NCF4828:04.4
27Russ SimmonsFerguson NCM7028:13.4
28Zoe SusiWilkesboro NCF928:20.2
29Addy NicholsN. Wilkesboro Nc NF1028:34.1
30April NicholsN. Wilkesboro NCF3728:34.4
31Scotty NicholsN. Wilkesboro NCM4228:36.0
32Makenna FreemanMoravian Falls NCF1028:38.1
33Andrea VestalWilkesboro NCF4528:42.9
34Brian VestalWilkesboro NCM5328:43.4
35Anna SheltonWilkesboro NCF2928:44.7
36Holly MassuccoMoravian Falls NCF5529:08.0
37Rudy SnowNorth Wilkesboro NM4429:08.7
38John ShepherdNorth Wilkesboro NM1129:08.7
39Krysten ShepherdNorth Wilkesboro NF4129:09.5
40Mark BumgarnerMooresville NCM4629:39.2
41Nellie ArchibaldWilkesboro NCF5029:53.0
42Joel FreemanMoravian Falls NCM3730:08.4
43Karlie AndersonMoravian Falls NCF1030:18.9
44Mary Anna BaileyWilkesboro NCF1030:19.1
45Kendra Byrd-BrewerN. Wilkesboro NCF3730:35.7
46Bethany ChurchWilkesboro NCF1330:58.7
47Jessica AdamsMoravian Falls NCF2632:01.3
48Gary BeneshNorth Wilkesboro NM6032:10.5
49Avery VannoyWilkesboro NCF1432:40.1
50Alisha EverhardtMillers Creek NCF2933:08.5
51Michele DuforeMooresville NCF5234:40.1
52Jodi JarvisWilkesboro NCF4334:50.7
53Angie AndersonMoravian Falls NCF4234:50.8
54Jim McUmberWilkesboro NCM5734:58.0
55Deborah CombsMillers Creek NCF4135:06.8
56Barbara MillerMillers Creek NCF3537:05.9
57Copeland WardWilkesboro NCF1338:32.3
58John WardWilkesboro NCM4738:33.2
59Sarah RenegarWilkesboro Dr NCF1138:54.7
60Faith DavisNorth Wilkesboro NF1238:54.8
61Cassidy Phipps-GlassNorth Wilkesboro NF1239:38.7
62Amanda MillsapsN. Wilkesboro Nc NF1240:02.6
63Alexis HoltWilkesboro NCF1340:23.5
64Raeane DuforeWilkesboro NCF2540:24.2
65Jeff AtwellWilkesboro NCM4640:38.5
66Donna AtwellWilkesboro NCF5140:39.3
67Hannah GarciaMoravian Falls NCF1341:59.7
68Kendal PrivetteNorth Wilkesboro NF4442:00.2
69Vicki GreeneNorth Wilkesboro NF3845:42.1
70Chase GreeneNorth Wilkesboro NM1945:42.3
71Delynda WardWilkesboroF4646:10.8
72Amy BlairWilkesboro NCF4646:11.5
73Tyler WardWilkesboro NCM2046:45.0
74Lori GaughanMoravian Falls NCF5852:49.3
75Rick GaughanMoravian Falls NCM6552:49.6
76Linda MooreN. Wilkesboro NCF4353:21.8
77Cheryl MillsN. Wilkesboro NCF5253:21.9

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