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Results of the Trinity of Fairview Flapjack 5k – January 1, 2014 – Fletcher Park – Fletcher, NC

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This was a great event. It was very well organized by the group from Trinity of Fairview. A nice Fletcher Park course and we had fairly good weather for New Year’s Day. They did a really nice job with the post-race pancakes. There were a handful of distributed pancake stations managed by students who were cooking fresh cakes on electric griddles, served with cups of syrup. So instead of creating a long line of people waiting for pancakes it was easy to get right into one of the stations and get fresh hot cakes. Very tasty.

Both winners were in their teens. Congrats to Dakota Lewis as male winner and to Kenzie Himelein as female winner.

Overall Results from the New Year’s Day Flapjack 5k

1Dakota LewisM1718:39
2Shawn BagleyM3519:15
3Dan ShumanM4619:23
4Kenzie HimeleinF1620:40
5Zack AllenderM2520:56
6Tim SheaM5120:59
7Shane TortellotteM4521:04
8Marc JacksonM4321:14
9Joel HopperM4122:02
10Philip TaylorM3122:04
11Diane WilsonF5022:14
12Robert TraversM5522:17
13Brooke HarrisM3522:30
14Lisa BuscheF2722:53
15Hogkin MathisonM1823:45
16Leigh HutchinsF2923:50
17Caleb BrownM1923:52
18Debbie FordF3423:56
19Darrin WhitakerM4623:57
20Caleb AdcockM1624:09:00
21Conner McAbeeM1824:23:00
22Anthony FreemanM4324:38:00
23Melanie FoxF4724:54:00
24Melissa HimeleinF5324:54:00
25Ben WhitmireM3725:02:00
26Dennis DuffyM5525:06:00
27Shelly SalesF4225:27:00
28David NelsonM1925:58:00
29Bryant WebsterM4426:03:00
30Sherry StonemanF3926:06:00
31Hannah LancasterF1426:19:00
32Travis NelsonM2526:23:00
33Conrad ShirkM3826:32:00
34Leah MatthewsF4426:49:00
35Hannah BurnetteF1326:50:00
36Lynn MarksF4926:51:00
37Hayden McAbeeM1826:59:00
38Sierra LindseyF1327:32:00
39Marlene ClevengerF4327:43:00
40Lee ScottM3427:47:00
41Sarah HendricksF3927:54:00
42Keaton FosterM1828:04:00
43Sheila GerickF5228:05:00
44Julie WunderF3428:08:00
45Steven BryantM4328:41:00
46Crystal ShirkF3528:49:00
47Heather MullF3429:10:00
48David WilliamsM3429:14:00
49Jessica SummerF2729:17:00
50Aubrey NelsonF1929:30:00
51Sherrie PufferF6630:02:00
52Alex BurnetteF1830:09:00
53Will LancasterM1930:09:00
54Chelsea SetzerF2430:12:00
55Emily MadyF1730:13:00
56Byron WatkinsM30:13:00
57Sarah HoldenF3730:29:00
58Kendra JarvisF3430:35:00
59Jay GonzalezM3931:00:00
60Gordan HintzM4031:03:00
61Charity BurgessF3931:16:00
62Heather ShraderF4031:17:00
63Royce HoldenM4031:41:00
64Robert FosterM4631:47:00
65Pamela RossF4531:56:00
66Elizabeth LangF3932:14:00
67Nick HillM2032:46:00
68Tonya LindseyF3932:48:00
69Scott JarvisM4132:55:00
70Teresa HoneycuttF4633:14:00
71Dawn WatersF3733:28:00
72Nathan WatersM1233:28:00
73Tom McPhersonM5333:44:00
74Tiffany WhitakerF4334:17:00
75Duane FosterF4534:21:00
76Stephany DavisF3534:31:00
77Lucia TaveraF2834:46:00
78Joslyn PadillaF1134:56:00
79Olivia SlagleF1634:58:00
80Tyler LittrellM2334:58:00
81Joey GonzalezM1634:59:00
82Daniel HempelM1635:00:00
83Cody RayM1235:00:00
84Kendra ThompsonF1735:02:00
85Sarah RonklynF1735:03:00
86Stacey AndersonF2835:03:00
87Tiffany HadawayF3335:03:00
88Charlene RumfeltF5135:17:00
89Hannah HeiseF2635:25:00
90Ben HeiseM2835:26:00
91Gretchen HowardF3436:05:00
92Lindsey ThomassonF2536:07:00
93Grace SinginghartF5036:50:00
94Sylas GonzalezM1337:19:00
95Amy BennettF4037:19:00
96Linda BrownF5837:22:00
97Sharon JamesF3837:29:00
98Tony RayF3937:38:00
99Steve BarkdollM5137:38:00
100Amy HuntsmanF3638:40:00
101Emily MillerF1238:41:00
102Brian TurnerM4738:55:00
103Ruth AtkinsF6039:42:00
104Brandi TurnerF1639:46:00
105Melissa MoffitF3239:52:00
106Eve WhalenF939:52:00
107Jay CochranM4140:29:00
108Jessica NiblackF3346:36:00
109Sherri WatkinsF46:59:00
110Joann NaegerF6947:19:00
111Tricia SummerF3747:20:00
112Susan BrownF6048:54:00
113Deanna ConstanceF4949:55:00
114Christina SamersF2950:01:00
115Brooklyn WiseF1250:49:00
116Misti PhilipsF3652:14:00
117Joann HamrickF4352:37:00
118Kimberly ToddF4352:40:00
119Jenn DouthitF3953:37:00
120Jack StewartM7653:47:00
121Amy GonzalezF4553:58:00
122Audria HempelF4753:59:00
123Beth AdcockF5054:00:00
124Sarah AdcockF1254:11:00
125Fran NaegerM7454:11:00
126Lynn RappF4854:13:00
127Ashley ArringtonF3554:14:00
128Tyson HamrickM4154:15:00

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