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Results of the Bearwallow Beast 5k – June 23, 2013 – Gerton, NC

Bearwallow Beast 5k

It was a great day for the Beast and I was happy to see so many runners out there considering the challenges associated with re-scheduling a race from early May to late June. Kudos to the race organizers who worked so hard to organize this and persevere through the crazy weather in May and successfully pull off a great event today.

We had some some cloud cover for the start but eventually that moved away and we had some warm sunny stretches along the two mile section on the mostly gravel Bearwallow Road. It’s a welcome sight when we reached the point at which the road leveled off and we turned into the single track Bearwallow Mountain hiking trail. It’s moderately technical with some rocks, roots and steps but it’s shady. Everyone gets happy when they approach the top of Bearwallow and can hear the loud speaker announcing finishers as they cross the line. Once we break out of the woods it’s just a few hundred yards in the grass until we pass under the Right on Time Productions inflatable arc.

Congratulations to everyone who finished today’s race. A special congratulations to Shiloh Mielke who was first overall and first male. Congratulations to Amber Reece-Young who was third overall and first female. Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Right on Time Productions.

1Shiloh MielkeWeaverville NcM3324:598:03
2Jacob SchattelAsheville NcM1526:518:39
3Amber Reece-YoungAsheville NcF3428:339:12
4Shawn BagleyArden NcM3528:409:14
5Adam FisherHendersonville NcM3028:579:19
6Brian SimpsonAsheville NcM4129:169:26
7Mark LedyardAsheville NcM4729:599:40
8Tim WanderFairview NcM2730:219:46
9Alejandro ArreolaCharlotte NcM3130:439:53
10Sam BentonBrevard NcM3130:589:58
11Alycia AndradeBrevard NcF2531:1610:04
12Jeremy KimmelAsheville NcM3632:4210:32
13Jennifer FisherColumbus NcF3232:4510:33
14Margaret BrennanFairview NcF3533:1310:42
15Josh HydakerAsheville NcM3833:3010:47
16Jeremy ScheurichAsheville NcM2734:0610:59
17Ellen SeagleHendersonville NcF3834:2611:05
18Aidan LambertHorse Shoe NcM1034:3611:09
19Rick PrudhommeHendersonville NcM3234:3711:09
20Bill TellmanBrevard NcM5334:3911:09
21Jim MclainEgr MiM5035:0311:17
22Shane MastersonHendersonville NcM3835:0411:17
23Eric CannonCandler NcM3735:2011:23
24Daniel LindseyHendersonville NcM2635:3711:28
25Sara WalkerPineville NcF2935:4111:30
26Andrew SmithAsheville NcM2935:4711:31
27John MetcalfWeaverville NcM2335:4911:32
28Jeff MontagueCanton OhM4435:5711:35
29Brad BrasherBlack Mountain NcM4236:0511:37
30Ben DeridderEast Flat Rock NcM4836:0711:38
31Sarah BriggsAsheville NcF3936:1211:39
32Greg VaethFletcher NcM4636:3111:46
33Jason HedrickCharlotte NcM4136:4111:49
34Daniel LeeAsheville NcM2936:4111:49
35Christopher CollinsCanton NcM2936:5611:54
36Gerald CottonAsheville NcM4837:1512:00
37Willard VelieAsheville NcM5237:1612:00
38Les TilyouColumbia ScM5737:1712:00
39Christopher EngleAsheville NcM2837:3212:05
40Adam WoodMill Spring NcM3437:3712:07
41Delfino Islas JrHendersonville NcM2237:5012:11
42Mark DesinAsheville NcM2637:5612:13
43Joseph LambAiken ScM5438:0712:16
44John MangelAsheville NcM5538:2612:22
45Andrew LambertHorse Shoe NcM3838:3512:25
46Brian JohnsonNorth Wilkesboro NcM3538:5112:31
47Robert SteinmanAsheville NcM2438:5612:32
48Caden GrindochBerthord CoM1239:0412:35
49Caleb SteedleyChina Grove NcM3639:1912:39
50Beck BrunnerBlack Mountain NcF3939:2112:40
51Danny FieldsZirconia NcM5039:2812:43
52George OwensbyAsheville NcM6039:4512:48
53Anais StricklingAsheville NcF3540:0112:53
54Erika Sue KellyAsheville NcF2740:0812:56
55Ginny HotzeAsheville NcF5240:0912:56
56Chris BraundLake Lure NcM4540:1812:59
57Johanna KerrAsheville NcF3240:2513:01
58Nathan AlexanderKnoxville TnM2940:2913:02
59Christopher HooperAsheville NcM2540:3513:04
60Teresa FralixAsheville NcF5040:3613:04
61Kari SaundersAsheville NcF2540:3913:05
62Robin LennerAsheville NcF3141:0713:14
63Michael SchulmanAsheville NcM2041:0913:15
64Ty KeyserAsheville NcM3041:2113:19
65Sue FrucheyAsheville NcF3641:3513:23
66Leah MathewsCandler NcF4341:4513:26
67Dennis DuffyAsheville NcM5441:4613:27
68Tiana TeagueLake Lure NcF3741:4713:27
69Derek StewartArden NcM3441:5113:29
70Mark MontagueAsheville NcM4741:5713:30
71Roy GlasbyHendersonville NcM4841:5913:31
72Karla SteedleyChina Grove NcF3542:0413:33
73Sheri BlakeFletcher NcF4142:0713:34
74Dolly McleanAsheville NcF5142:1913:37
75Jo RodriguezHendesonville NcM1042:3213:42
76Ethan WilliamsLeicester NcM9942:3513:43
77Stephen GwaltneyHendersonville NcM3142:4013:44
78Ivann RodriguezDana NcM1242:4513:46
79Siler SloanFairview NcM1442:4613:46
80Richard OwensbyMorganton NcM5542:4913:47
81Leigh DeforthAsheville NcF3242:5913:50
82Crystal JohnsonAsheville NcF3242:5913:51
83Sam BaucomCharlotte NcM5443:0113:51
84Ross SloanFairview NcM4943:0713:53
85Chris LafondHot Springs NcM3543:1313:55
86Katie BaynardArden NcF2643:1713:56
87Cathy CooperHendersonville NcF5243:2413:59
88John VollmerRidgecrest NcM6143:2713:59
89Leo WimberlyChimney Rock NcM1343:3014:00
90Ben WilliamsonBlack Mountain NcM3743:3314:01
91Ken MooreMill Spring NcM5843:3614:02
92Matt GroomeAsheville NcM3043:4514:05
93Michael WallsBlack Mountain NcM6043:5914:10
94Charles RaffenspergerDuluth GaM5444:0014:10
95Joseph HamrickAsheville NcM3844:0814:13
96Andrew ReeveAsheville NcM2644:1414:15
97Jenny HollowayHendersonville NcF3244:1514:15
98Brittany BradyHendersonville NcF2644:1514:15
99Mark RichardsonJohnson City TnM5144:2014:17
100Sue MclainEgr MiF4844:2714:19
101Brian HallBlack Mountain NcM4644:4214:23
102Lily BibleWaynesville NcF2344:4414:24
103Emily KuhnsAsheville NcF2845:0114:30
104Jerry MckeeMorganton NcM5445:0614:31
105Antonio RodriguezHendersonville NcM3845:0614:31
106Larissa BowmanFairview NcF4445:0614:31
107Davide GentileAsheville NcM3145:1114:33
108Mike CrispHendersonville NcM4145:1214:33
109Dale DanielsonGerton NcM5245:2414:37
110Brian MathewsCandler NcM4446:0614:51
111Kirsten CutlerFletcher NcF2846:1214:53
112Psyche WimberlyChimney Rock NcF4646:3214:59
113Denise KennedySaluda NcF4346:3515:00
114Dave GriffinCharlotte NcM4446:3915:01
115Keely McfarrenFairview NcM2346:5315:06
116Coe HutchinsonWinfield NcM1446:5515:06
117Charles ClarkeFairview NcM1646:5615:07
118Danielle VaethFletcher NcF3546:5715:07
119Lisa RomeTaylor Mill KyF4947:1715:14
120Holly JordanAsheville NcF5347:2215:15
121Bruce RomeTaylor Mill KyM6147:2915:17
122Martha SloanFairview NcF4847:3015:18
123Patty PhinneyBurlington NcF2947:4015:21
124Jason GibsonWaynesville NcM2447:4115:21
125Brian ClarkColumbia ScM4048:1515:32
126Daniele FrostBlack Mountain NcF4048:2815:36
127Don SchjeldahlHendersonville NcM6348:3615:39
128Karen Van SicklerLake Lure NcF4448:4415:42
129Bonnie CovingtonHuntersville NcF3348:4915:43
130Larry BradmonLincolnton NcM5848:5015:43
131Caleb WillettAsheville NcM2449:1815:52
132Monica BarajasTravelers Rest ScF4049:2015:53
133Nicole MohrmannHendersonville NcF3449:2315:54
134Melissa MccullochArden NcF5949:4416:01
135Cliff SimpkinsHendersonville NcM4649:5216:03
136Zack JonesFlat Rock NcM2949:5916:06
137Kristina ToombsHorse Shoe NcF3750:0916:09
138Tori OgrenHendersonville NcF3650:1116:09
139Frank OdonnellHendersonville NcM4850:1116:09
140Misty D. CardoneAsheville NcF3250:3516:17
141Susan RobbinsAdvance NcF4950:3816:18
142Caitlin RawlinsAsheville NcF2750:4516:20
143Heather HamborAsheville NcF2650:4516:20
144Jaclyn FurlowAsheville NcF3350:4616:21
145Phil CardoneAsheville NcM3351:2416:33
146Tom KeeverBlack Mountain NcM5851:4716:40
147Daniel WoodAiken ScM2852:2716:53
148Jeffrey DunkelRock Hill ScM3753:0117:04
149Grayson SloanFairview NcF1654:0617:25
150Josh SolesbeeTopton NcM2854:1217:27
151Narissa RahamanPineville NcF3054:1417:28
152Ginny WoodAiken ScF2754:4517:38
153Blair JonesShelby NcF3055:4417:57
154Shannon GarrettAsheville NcF4556:1218:06
155Jenny KnightBlack Mountain NcF3456:1218:06
156Kirsten CloutierAsheville NcF3957:0318:22
157Leslie GrellBat Cave NcF4357:0418:23
158Tammy SimpkinsHendersonville NcF4357:3418:32
159Brad HowellGerton NcM3957:3718:33
160David ModaffAsheville NcM5258:0018:40
161Amanda JohnsonNorth Wilkesboro NcF3558:0018:40
162Jacob ModaffAsheville NcM2058:0018:41
163Lauren GroomeAsheville NcF3058:2318:48
164Martha StradleyAsheville NcF3058:2418:48
165James ParkerMonroe NcM3458:4618:55
166Steven TuttleFlat Rock NcM3759:1119:03
167Beth TuttleFlat Rock NcF2959:1319:04
168David EfirdLake Lure NcM661:01:2219:45
169Laura WallsBlack Mountain NcF601:01:3319:49
170Brooke LaughterHendersonville NcF211:02:1220:02
171Robin ProctorLake Lure NcF521:04:3320:47
172Jim ProctorLake Lure NcM561:04:3420:47
173Shelley JonesFlat Rock NcF301:04:4120:49
174Hudson EeFairview NcM91:08:1821:59
175Blanche EeFairview NcF161:08:1821:59
176Lucie EeFairview NcF161:08:2722:02
177Greg ScottSeymour TnM991:08:3322:04
178Dina MauldinColumbia ScF411:11:2823:00
179Anastasiia KomarovaHendersonville NcF611:12:0023:11
180Jennifer SplainAsheville NcF241:12:4723:26
181Shawna HendrixAsheville NcF261:12:4723:26
182Alissa ParkerMonroe NcF331:17:5425:05
183Susan WilsonShelby NcF321:18:0325:08
184Pamela AikmanBrevard NcF582:01:0338:58
185John AikmanRosman NcM552:01:0538:59

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