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Results of the Frostbite 10k – February 17, 2013 – Lelia Patterson Center – Fletcher, NC

Frostbite 5k and 10k

There was a nice turnout this afternoon for the pair of Frostbite races in Fletcher. The sun was shining and the temperature wasn’t too bad, except when the wind was blowing. As usual it was a well-organized event. I ran the 10k (which I’ve run each year since the 10k was introduced to the Frostbite in 2011). My only complaint is that the course is short. It was short last year also, but I believe it was shorter this year. When I completed the post-race survey last year I basically said “great race, but it was about 6 miles flat.” Today I had 5.92 miles by my Garmin. I’ve received feedback from a handful of runners and expect more to come in over the next day or so. I feel confident in stating that this was, in fact, a 9.5K. PRs for everyone, unless you’ve run a 9.5K before and did better. We have to get this fixed in 2014.

Congratulations to Chris Dietrich of Eatonton, GA as first male and to Suzanne Hutchins of Gastonia, NC as first female.

Click here for age groups. Following are overall results, courtesy of Right on Time Productions.

1Chris DietrichEatonton GaM3536:075:49
2Suzanne HutchinsGastonia NcF3338:116:09
3Shawn BagleyArden NcM3538:326:13
4Randy WilsonSwannanoa NcM5338:416:14
5Sarah Beth LeeWaynesville NcF2438:446:14
6Lance MorsellSaluda NcM1638:506:15
7Emily PattersonHendersonville NcF1938:516:16
8Lincoln CrosseAsheville NcM5439:346:23
9Marty LeiterAsheville NcM4740:496:35
10Reece LyerlyRoswell GaM2441:116:38
11Ron HutchinsGastonia NcM4641:156:39
12Adam LanceEast Flat Rock NcM2841:326:41
13Nicole MorganArden NcF2141:416:43
14John TreleavenCandler NcM6042:436:53
15Brandon WattersAsheville NcM3342:526:54
16Jason MichaelsMills River NcM3343:046:56
17Laura Rain TreePisgah Forest NcF4543:467:03
18Nick DoriotPelzer NcM3443:527:04
19Wilson JonesAsheville NcM4143:587:05
20Matthew RobersonFletcher NcM3343:597:05
21Kelly HarrisF2443:597:05
22Jeremy GrangerMaggie Valley NcM3644:027:06
23Jody SmithAsheville NcF4844:067:06
24Angela GrossMills River NcF1844:107:07
25Kelly DoriotPelzer NcF3344:287:10
26Philip TaylorFletcher NcM3044:537:14
27Mary AndreaeFletcher NcF4144:567:14
28Kevin McdonaldGreenville NcM5044:587:15
29Daniel CollierAsheville NcM3644:597:15
30Lindsey OsteenF3945:287:20
31Julia McdonaldGreenville NcF1645:347:20
32Mike HaganM4945:437:22
33Sara LangHendersonville NcF2945:507:23
34Shaun HootsM3446:037:25
35Connor StaleyAsheville NcM1846:207:28
36Stephanie WallaceF3446:257:29
37Bill RansonPickens NcM6246:267:29
38Preston JonesMarshall NcM6146:307:29
39John MangelAsheville NcM5446:317:30
40Clay StroupeAsheville NcM2746:547:33
41Robin LennerAsheville NcF3147:047:35
42Daniel LeeAsheville NcM2947:197:37
43Paul FitzpatrickArden NcM9947:277:39
44Jimmy BranchAsheville NcM4047:377:40
45Jimmie ThrashHendersonville NcM5747:467:42
46Rob JohnsonHendersonville NcM3647:477:42
47Bill MckibbinFlat Rock NcM4647:527:43
48Victor DostrowAsheville NcM5348:237:48
49Trevor ChowKingsport TnM4148:257:48
50Bill KomaraHendersonville NcM5648:347:49
51Mat LockardAsheville NcM3748:437:51
52Ben GoldsmithPisgah Forest NcM5148:507:52
53Jenny HollowayHendersonville NcF3248:547:53
54Greg BunckBlack Mountain NcM4548:567:53
55Daniel GeorgeArden NcM3249:097:55
56Tim CreasmanMills River NcM4849:367:59
57Scott ArstrongMars Hill NcM4450:078:04
58Charles GrayFlat Rock NcM4550:188:06
59Amanda BlakeF1150:298:08
60Paul TierneyWeaverville NcM5250:458:10
61Hunter FairchildUnicoi TnM4751:048:14
62Brian O'DonnellAsheville NcM4051:108:15
63Kim O'DonnellAsheville NcF3951:118:15
64Sheri BlakeF4151:148:15
65Erica JonesAsheville NcF2751:288:17
66Dennis DuffyM5451:318:18
67Amanda ArmstrongMars Hill NcF3751:468:20
68David DeltortSignal Mountain TnM5051:588:22
69Garry ShermanAsheville NcM6252:018:23
70Mary WinchesterAsheville NcF4852:128:24
71Emily HoverHendersonville NcF2552:338:28
72Sandy BleyF2252:438:29
73Richard PrusikFletcher NcM5153:098:34
74Lew HollowayHendersonville NcM3553:278:36
75Katharine ZookFletcher NcF2553:388:38
76Bill FinleyAsheville NcM7053:408:39
77Michael SchultzMaggie Valley NcM5653:458:39
78Robin TarpinianF5253:588:42
79Leah MathewsCandler NcF4354:068:43
80Stephen MooreVale NcM5354:128:44
81Laura RollinsClyde NcF4254:328:47
82Mark RollinsClyde NcM4654:328:47
83Kathy StahlyAsheville NcF6254:538:50
84Justin WardM2755:138:54
85Beth StangAsheville NcF3355:188:54
86Dick HippAsheville NcM7355:248:55
87Tina RiceMarshall NcF3755:408:58
88Nancy BurlesonSpruce Pine NcF6455:478:59
89Virginia AberleAsheville NcF9955:539:00
90Donna CanipeSpruce Pine NcF5355:559:00
91Benita AugeWeaverville NcF6456:169:04
92Lesliei BruceFletcher NcF4556:319:06
93Jacqueline OrrHendersonville NcF3356:369:07
94Gevony LaughlinAsheville NcF3356:389:07
95Chris WilliamsAsheville NcM3356:389:07
96Adria CavanyClyde NcF3456:419:08
97Sherry RoaneAsheville NcF5356:479:09
98Matthew MimsFlat Rock NcM4156:589:11
99Tami SummeyHendersonville NcF3457:189:14
100Steven KiddAsheville NcM4157:219:14
101Nick MagnuskiBoiling Springs NcM3357:349:16
102Bill TaylorCandler NcM5557:409:17
103Jeffrey WilsonAsheville NcM4957:539:19
104Heather WellsHendersonville NcF3658:169:23
105Jason WellsHendersonville NcM4258:169:23
106Quinci ElliottArden NcF3158:199:24
107Scott MurisonAsheville NcM5858:419:27
108Dawn RushingTalbott TnF2858:579:30
109Rick TiptonWeaverville NcM4758:599:30
110Nena PappasF1259:019:30
111Sherry PageTryon NcF4959:059:31
112Larry CottrellEast Flat Rock NcM5159:129:32
113Roger SouthworthHendersonville NcM7159:409:37
114Mike KaiM501:00:059:41
115Alan BurdetteArden NcM431:00:129:42
116Lynn RayArden NcF491:00:269:44
117Nicki WoodingAsheville NcF371:00:269:44
118Kim ClarkFletcher NcF331:00:269:44
119Donna MorganArden NcF511:00:349:45
120Sarah D'AnnaAsheville NcF311:00:399:46
121Holly HughesAsheville NcF211:00:469:47
122Jeffrey DelbertHickory NcM291:00:489:48
123Erin RiceCandler NcF291:00:499:48
124Melissa MccullochArden NcF591:00:569:49
125Joe SherlinJonesborough TnM451:01:019:50
126Angela ViarSaluda NcF441:01:059:50
127Monica BarajasTravelers Rest NcF391:01:069:50
128Maggi OrmandFletcher NcF421:01:109:51
129Yvonne DessoffyTryon NcF531:01:159:52
130Matt MondayBiltmore Lake NcM991:01:259:53
131Robert HolcombeAsheville NcM641:01:269:54
132Tracey MondayBiltmore Lake NcF391:01:519:58
133Lisa PriceAsheville NcF361:01:589:59
134Jill WorleyHendersonville NcF381:01:599:59
135Cathy WhitlockArden NcF461:02:019:59
136Jeffrey KingFletcher NcM391:02:029:59
137Nicole MohrmannHendersonville NcF341:02:0310:00
138Jen FraserF411:02:2010:02
139David DesforgeHendersonville NcM571:02:2110:02
140Meredith KiddAsheville NcF361:02:2310:03
141Traywick AndersonArden NcM431:02:2810:04
142Jan MacgregorAsheville NcF471:02:4110:06
143Scott MacgregorAsheville NcM511:02:4210:06
144Megan SilverWeaverville NcF281:02:4710:07
145Julie LambertWhittier NcF291:02:5510:08
146Jack KinsellClyde NcM741:02:5810:08
147Genevieve BieniosekAsheville NcF291:03:2310:12
148Bethany O'ConnellAsheville NcF291:03:2510:13
149Lee WashingtonFletcher NcF301:04:0910:20
150Brooks BrunnemerGastonia NcF301:04:1210:20
151Jackie WaitF431:04:1710:21
152Briana PlautzAsheville NcF281:04:2510:22
153Erinn YetterAsheville NcF261:04:2810:23
154Sherry Best-KaiHendersonville NcF511:04:3810:25
155Danny SennNewberry ScM591:04:4210:25
156Jan HinsonFletcher NcF461:04:4810:26
157Laurie McleanCandler NcF331:06:2110:41
158John ShireyArden NcM371:06:2210:41
159Emery LorntzMountain Home NcM651:06:2510:42
160Melissa SlaterInman NcF311:06:2810:42
161Kristie MagnuskiBoiling Springs NcF331:06:3110:43
162Jeff MalecHendersonville NcM551:06:5010:46
163Dina WigginsAsheville NcF451:07:1610:50
164Rhiannon LemieuxAsheville NcF351:07:2510:51
165Natalie HoffmanCanton NcF341:07:3310:53
166Jocelyn PagelAsheville NcF361:08:0010:57
167David PagelAsheville NcM361:08:0110:57
168Ashley BlakeF131:08:3111:02
169Timothy HeadForest City NcM461:09:1111:08
170Julia RitcheyHendersonville NcF261:09:1211:09
171Caryl DeanArden NcF621:09:2611:11
172Ashlee DeanHolly Springs NcF291:09:2811:11
173Laura DavisKnoxville TnF371:09:3311:12
174Benjamin KelsayKnoxville TnM311:09:5911:16
175Maggie DesforgeHendersonville NcF561:10:0211:17
176Kimberly MckayAsheville NcF291:10:2011:20
177Katie KaiF191:10:3811:22
178Dennis McdowellCandler NcM541:12:1311:38
179Stefanie MichaelsMills River NcF291:13:4411:52
180Marcus KimFletcher NcM281:13:4511:52
181Rick BakerWeaverville NcM381:16:0212:15
182Sandra MichenerWaynesville NcF711:17:2412:28
183Martha MarshallAsheville NcF671:18:5912:43
184Ramona PenderMills River NcF591:22:0713:13
185Charlie CampbellAsheville NcM661:25:4013:48

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