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Results of the Black Mountain Championship Trail 5k – November 10, 2012 – Black Mountain, NC

This was a great event at Black Mountain Recreation Park. Well organized, a terrific trail course and some outstanding awards and prizes. Cash prizes of $150, $100 and $50 went to the top three male and female finishers. And $5 cash was awarded to age group winners – three deep. Topping it off, there was drawing after the race in which eight pair of shoes were awarded – four pair of Brooks and four pair of Newtons.

Congratulations to Mark Driscoll as first overall and first male. Mark spanked this course with a 16:16 time. And if that’s not impressive enough, just sixty minutes before the race he was in West Asheville winning the Vance Rocket Run 5k in 17:14. Congratulations to Amber Moran as first female.

Following are overall results, courtesy of Black Mountain Running Company.

1Mark Driscoll M2816:165:14
2Jay CurwenAsheville NCM4518:526:05
3Amber MoranAsheville NCF3419:106:10
4Randy WilsonSwannanoa NCM5219:536:24
5Brent Smith M3320:036:28
6Ryan CarlsonBlack Mountain NCM3420:196:33
7Sam Klontzblack mountain NCM2820:466:42
8Steve HortonMorganton NCM5221:386:58
9Drew VetterRaleigh NCM3221:567:04
10Brad LoderAsheville NCM3322:017:05
11Daniel PrideBlack Mountain NCM2822:227:12
12Wesley MillerAsheville NCM3222:517:22
13Jack LearyFairview NCM1423:077:27
14Jake Dodd M923:147:29
15Charles KimmelAsheville NCM4223:227:32
16Skeet BurtonAsheville NCM4623:257:32
17Kriste Grayson F4023:277:33
18Rebecca BrunnerBlack Mountain NCF3924:00:007:44
19Brendan LearyFairview NCM1224:20:007:50
20Jeff PrivetteCandler NCM4724:42:007:57
21Rory Mullen M1425:04:008:04
22Brendan MullenAsheville NCM4425:08:008:06
23Clay HileBlack Mountain NCM4925:22:008:10
24Michael LacourseCharlotte NCM4125:25:008:11
25Kriste LittleBlack Mountain NCF3525:28:008:12
26Dennis DuffyAsheville NCM5425:32:008:13
27Brooke RunnelsCandler NCF3426:06:008:24
28Kristin MillerAsheville NCF4427:01:008:42
29Sloan PoeBlack Mountain NCM3427:02:008:42
30Corynne JonesWeaverville NCF2027:32:008:52
31Ellen ParrySwannanoa NCF3827:49:008:58
32Rhonda Devan F4228:07:009:03
33Nick MurphyAsheville NCM1128:16:009:06
34Olivia KennedyBlack Mountain NCF1128:18:009:07
35Ken WalkerAsheville NCM4128:19:009:07
36Sara BassettSwannanoa NCF1228:20:009:07
37Chilton CurwenAsheville NCM1028:23:009:08
38James PittmanSwannanoa NCM3628:27:009:10
39John KennedyBlack Mountain NCM4128:33:009:12
40Jesse WhartonAsheville NCF3128:56:009:19
41Journey DreyerAsheville NCF1328:56:009:19
42Paula FlynnMarion NCF4029:33:009:31
43Stepfanie Romineblack mountain NCF3129:49:009:36
44Dyel Sigmon F3429:56:009:38
45Steph Richie F4330:08:009:42
46James WebbAsheville NCM3130:12:009:44
47Lori McDanielRaleigh NCF4430:20:009:46
48Devon PriceAsheville NCM3630:25:009:48
49Sebastian Nixonweaverville NCM1030:32:009:50
50Sylvia BassettSwannanoa NCF5530:42:009:53
51Elizabeth SmithBlack Mountain NCF1231:05:0010:01
52Clara SmithBlack Mountain NCF1431:06:0010:01
53Deanna BuchananBlack Mountain NCF4831:17:0010:05
54Cynthia HobbsAsheville NCF5431:24:0010:07
55Ken HobbsAsheville NCM5831:25:0010:07
56Katherine CounceBlack Mountain NCF4131:31:0010:09
57Kristin ManningAsheville NCF4031:41:0010:12
58Camille RyanFairview NCF1131:44:0010:13
59Lisa RyanFairview NCF4331:49:0010:15
60Buzz YeatmanBlack Mountain NCM6932:01:0010:19
61Meredith Love F4232:03:0010:19
62Cindy KimmelAsheville NCF3532:16:0010:24
63Amy Rice F3132:23:0010:26
64Julia MooreBlack Mountain NCF4932:42:0010:32
65Arizona Nixonweaverville NCF1132:56:0010:36
66Colleen HicksAsheville NCF4032:59:0010:37
67Lisa PriceAsheville NCF3533:13:0010:42
68Jeanette Hampton F4433:40:0010:51
69Jill SmithBlack Mountain NCF5534:06:0010:59
70Elnora ThompsonCherokee NCF6434:15:0011:02
71Kathleen MillerBlack Mountain NCF5834:29:0011:06
72Joy Clayton F3234:31:0011:07
73Sofia HicksASHEVILLE NCF934:43:0011:11
74Scott HicksASHEVILLE NCM4134:43:0011:11
75Ben HicksASHEVILLE NCM1235:37:0011:28
76Ella Carlinniafletcher NCF936:45:0011:50
77Brian CarlinniaFletcher NCM4236:46:0011:50
78Laura FarishSwannanoa NCF3437:07:0011:57
79Mary FoutWaxhaw NCF5737:10:0011:58
80Maria PerezAsheville NCF1137:11:0011:58
81Lux Haney-Jardineasheville NCM1037:16:0012:00
82Tonia HoldermanBlack Mountain NCF3837:26:0012:03
83Phil HoldermanBlack Mountain NCM3937:27:0012:04
84Audrey LoderAsheville NCF3238:38:0012:26
85Joe KimmelAsheville NCM7038:44:0012:28
86Shane KamerBlack Mountain NCM4139:15:0012:38
87Joseph L Myers IIIMount Pleasant SCM7048:06:0015:29
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