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Results of the Rock the Quarry 4 Mile Trail Race – October 20, 2012 – Black Mountain, NC

View from the Top of the Rock the Quarry 4 Mile Trail Race (photo courtesy of Adam Hill)

It was a beautiful day for this race which features nice trails and an unbeatable view from the top (you just need to climb more than 700 feet to enjoy the view). It’s mostly flat for the first mile or so and all of the uphill climbing occurs in a one-mile stretch after that (according to my Garmin we went from an elevation of 2,360 to 3,082). Then the last mile and a half or so are flat to downhill.

This is not the ‘Rock the Quarry Zombie Walk’ – it’s near the end of the steep one-mile uphill stretch (photo courtesy of Adam Hill)

Following are overall results:

1David SalsberyM1628:39
2Micheal KoerschnerM4530:03
3Ben EhlersM4230:13
4James ScifersM4433:35
5Adam SmithM2833:37
6Tim/ Iasaih MostellM4233:45
7Johnathan MorrisM1934:23
8Micheal CorsoM2434:46
9Jacob ScifersM1535:32
10Becker AndryM1235:43
11Jake DoddM935:47
12Brittany OttF2735:53
13Jon NeumannM3035:53
14Monica KoerschnerF3837:07
15Daniel LeeM2937:35
16Adinna SmithF2837:39
17Matt StaceyM3937:54
18Laine EverlyF1638:13
19Tom MorriseyM5538:33
20Leslie RaderF4438:36
21Dennis DuffyM5438:46
22Leigh DeforthF3139:07
23Greg HosmerM3639:13
24Kate DostF3139:18
25Amy ArnoldF4039:22
26Ed McDanielM4939:32
27Peter BouldryM3939:43
28Taylor LoomisM2839:43
29Scott SaulsberyM4939:53
30Jessica ScarfeF3641:40
31Anne WymanF4342:06
32Mike DyerM3742:32
33Crystal JohnsonF3243:16
34Pete CramM4143:59
35Erica YoungF2844:10
36Clint LasherM3144:32
37James PittmanM3644:39
38Peggy EmoryF5444:57
39Richard DeemM5845:07
40Nancy McClintonF3945:28
41Erica NewcombF4145:43
42Sarah LulinskiF3446:41
43Linda TatsapaughF4546:59
44Mary HayF3047:05
45Peter FruehanM6247:09
46Sarah EhlersF4247:48
47Anthony DemarcoM4847:48
48Salo LoomisF2548:57
49Aspen ThompsonF1049:02
50Abigail CookF949:56
51La Kia HinsonF1852:22
52Anthony JonesM1452:23
53Andrew ClarkeM2054:34
54Vanessa WashburnF2755:37
55Casey BrookeF2258:19
56Nathan PierceM2558:20
57Sandra DeemF5658:49
58Roy HensleyM591:12:42
59Miranda ColeF171:17:32
60Emily WigginsF171:17:52
61Sierra JordanF121:17:53

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